Early Pressings, 2009​-​2012

by Zach McGowan



all tracks on this extended play were recorded using a yamaha audiogram3 for instruments; most if not all vocals were recorded using the onboard microphone of a 2008 apple macbook pro. those that may not have been would have been recorded on a logitech usb microphone

this recording is purely indicative of experiments and trial and error made on the part of a young teenage boy; this is far from being the best work this artist has ever made, and, indeed, given the relatively early cutoff date of spring 2012 (influenced more by the availability of unreleased material from this time), nor should it be expected to be.

for those interested in listening/purchasing more material from this artist, the following respective links will serve you well:


thanks be unto the following: the Lord God for being the loving heavenly Shepherd who always leads his flock to their respective best lives; the artist's biological parents for putting up with his incessant musiking since he was 9 and encouraging his artistic and personal growth; to all friends and significant others whom helped, inspired and loved the artist throughout the years that this ep was produced and beyond. he would truly not be anywhere near the man he is now without any of you.

thank you for listening; Godspeed you


released December 17, 2013

All songs written and engineered by Zachary McGowan except where noted; all vocals and instruments performed by the same



all rights reserved


Zach McGowan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Zach McGowan writes and records music in Pittsburgh, Penn., but also has friends in State College he likes to work with.

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Track Name: Siren
She warms me with her eyes, and drowns me in her love. She knows how i can wait; how i won't get enough no matter how I try to find this. i find my way to where i'm from, so, until that day, i know i will wait for her to come.

and when She comes to me, no matter where I am, she'll enter in my soul and take me by the hand. She leads me away from here: away from clouds of night and on a path back unto her, the way of which is right.

we dance through heavens door, and open out our arms. angels come to watch without fear or alarm. why should the angels be alarmed? It's nothing new to them. we move through the air like a canal boat again, and again, and again.

She welcomes me back home, back to where I belong. She fills my heart and soul and heals me in her song. nothing can be as great as. the world must surely share. with red rose pedals by our sides, we'd show them what is there.
Track Name: Eyes Turned to God
Track Name: Dobin's Flowery Veil
Track Name: Rosemary
rosemary, rosemary over a hll, give me the strength to do as I will toasting the brave who've long since fought for their fill
rosemary, water and fire and earth are my dominion upon my birth. now, i look to the stars, very far, very long search
i can't believe what lies before me: where there are houses, there used to be trees. all of these men shall live, but none shall be
i now no longer need run by sunlight; i can do better in the darkness of night. what can I do or say that makes all of this right?
rosemary, rosemary call out my name. Heal me of sorrow, and heal me of pain wrought by the sadness of those who died in vain
rosemary, rosemary call out my blashphemy; do not follow in the steps of my tragedy. will you defend me, or blend with or amend with me
sugar and acid flow everywhere. where are the angels to meet you there? they have commended me, told me to journey by air
very soon, yes, i shall be gone. I left my home to follow the sun without a note for you to follow!

rosemary, rosemary over that hill. give me the strength to go as as I will. please do take care.

I've gone to find my fill.